An end-to-end DevOps platform product designed for the military industry


Product Manager

Work Content

I designed prototype, defined product map, collaborated with the R&D team to deliver for the roll-out


Dec 2019 - May 2020 (6 months)


Market and competitive analysis, UX and UX mapping, rapid prototyping, design team management, and more


Design for the future military industry


Improving efficiency, standardizing processes, and managing quality have always been the most important things for military customers in the R&D process. Last year, I worked as a product manager at Ghostcloud. After analyzing the market and domestic and international industries, I designed a DevOps product for military research institutions. On the basis of independent research and development and independent control, we provide customization and consulting services on the basis of standard products.

Since the customers we serve are in a strictly limited industry, we have designed this product to not only increase the efficiency of their R&D iterations, but also to meet the corresponding safety, compliance and specification requirements.

* This product has been used as an internal R & D platform.

My Role

In the product design process, as a product manager, I need to analyze the market, the needs of the military industry, and competitors, analyze the relevant policies and regulations from both China and overseas, and quickly complete user journey and product prototype design.

After designing the original version of the product prototype, I was also responsible for managing the interface designer.


This project is currently subject to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).