Travel CMS

Operationally, we provide services for better conversion between traffic and transactions


Product Manager / Operation Manager

Work Content

I designed prototype, defined product map, collaborated with the R&D team to deliver for the roll-out


Jun 2016 - Aug 2017 (14 months)


Competitive Analysis, survey design, user journey and procudt mapping, rapid prototyping, design management


How do we achieve the vision of travel like a local?

As a travel company that focuses on local tourism, we not only need to provide users with a good experience when browsing and paying for their orders, but also need to provide reasonable assistance in the management of tourism product content and data support..

The diversity, the fun that the tour routes show, and the activities that each operation initiates are the only window into the product for users. The ability of the product manager to provide timely and adequate support to operational colleagues within the team is also one way to achieve the vision.


Design to support workmate reach their goals

Easy navigation for complex data

Through analysis, the data burial point and analysis funnel of web pages and applications is reached, so as to better analyze the retention rate of users in different pages.In order to unify the data indicators to define the source of users, it is possible to include users from different channels in a unified analysis system.

Multiple ways for different contents management

In order to achieve the goal of quick access to travel products and activities pages, I designed a simple content management system that not only manages all the content in the site, but also quickly responds to comments and quickly introduces topic pages in the form of different itinerary design topics.


"This is what we want!"

With the quick build of the tools and metrics system, the operations team in the company quickly switched to the new system and worked on it within 1 month, and I got a lot of positive feedback on my work. The experience of this project not only defined a new way for the team to work, allowing the operations team to more effectively manage the information needed for the business, but it also led to a quick and only promotion within the team for me.


This project is currently under construction.
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