Knownsec Xinyong

An impartial and neutral third-party enterprise information credit rating platform that helps people reduce the risk of cyber fraud


Product Manager / Project Manager

Work Content

I designed product prototypes, developed data review and synchronization strategies, and worked with the R&D team to design product positioning and functionality


Nov 2017 - Aug 2019 (22 months)


Competitive Analysis, survey design, user journey and procudt mapping, strategy development, partner communication, risk management


How might we find the balance between web surfing and reducing fraud risk?


Will we become the sword of Damocles?

More than 100 million internet users enjoy surfing the web every day, but with the rapid construction of internet infrastructure and services, more and more internet users are at risk of internet fraud. According to relevant reports, the annual losses caused by cyber fraud and misconduct in China alone amount to 600 billion yuan, no enterprise can bear the heavy responsibility of safe Internet access for Internet users alone, as a third party platform, how can we make our own efforts to build a healthy and healthy Internet environment?

From the perspective of sharing and building together, if we can design a trusted data sharing and exchange platform across industries, vendors and platforms that connect the internet infrastructure service providers and network enterprises, we can verify the information and distribute the warning messages across search engines, browsers, IM, social websites, etc., reducing the risk of people being scammed.

But with hundreds of millions of Internet users, how can we find a good answer that works for most people without compromising free Internet access and reducing the risk of cyber fraud?

Also, as a socially responsible business product, how do we design the pricing and charging strategy of the product to find a sustainable and profitable direction for the product?


A new face of trusted data sharing and exchange platform

Considering that information in the Internet is time-sensitive, we design a five-step strategy to achieve verification checking and distribution of relevant data.


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