The Rest Projects

Frankly speaking, I have also participated in the following projects

All time is no time when it is past.

Zero-Code Productivity Platform


HIPA is a code-free application building platform with the goal of creating code-free application building platforms. It can be based on a graphical interface that allows a completely Business people who can't code complete related software application builds.

As a product manager, I was responsible for the design and optimization of the Notification Center, workflow, chart views, and website redesign, as well as solving experience or operational problems that plagued users by communicating with real users.

Art Resource Management System


Tap4Fun is a company focusing on the development, publishing and operation of mobile SLG games, with per capita operating profits among the top three in China.

As Product Manager in the R&D department, I was responsible for designing the art resource management system for the game publishing department. After the product was released, it was well received by the users and greatly improved the efficiency of resource management.

Startups in the field of knowledge sharing


YeWen is a professional skills and experience sharing platform for the Internet industry. We hope to match Internet people with front-line career seniors who have practical experience in the field, and interact efficiently through online and offline Q&A and courses. Solve career problems.

As a product operator, I was responsible for the WeChat community building, online campaign design and operations, new media articles and channel distribution, and business partnerships part of the process.